2018 Rookie Season

OTIS was designed to maximize the number of points our alliance could score by being an all-around-robot that could score in all aspects of the game. Power-Up is not based on points, but time which means our team had to design a robot that can transport blocks quickly.


This meant a light robot, fast drive base, and a fast and accurate cube manipulator. The manipulator also had to be able to reach all possible scoring areas, especially the scale and switch to help the alliance have the highest chance of maintaining control over both field pieces.


Our design can acquire a block from any place on the field and transport it to any other place on the field. We also focused on having a simple and accurate climber where a rope hooks onto the bar and the robot climbs with a winch. We have this climber because if a member of our alliance does not have a climber, we give them priority for using the levitation power up, but if the other two robots on our alliance have better climbers than ours, we can use the levitation power up.


Due to our tank-drive drive base, we can also play defense as needed. All this is to ensure our alliance could maximize time control over the scale, and points scored. 

Drive Base

CIM motors w/ REV Spark controllers

6 belt-driven, high grip wheels

Tank drive wheel configuration (defense) 

Toughbox Mini Gearbox 8.45:1 Ratio 

Low-weight, speed-optimized base 

Max speed of 16 feet/second


Steel ratcheting rope winch (ensure robot does not fall)

Custom machined mounts

3333lb capacity strap rope

80:1 CIM Gearbox w/ motor

Fast hook & release on bar (Climbing only from winch, frame distributes weight)


Main Gripper

4-Wheel, chain-driven intake

(2x) AM-775 motors + Talons

1:1 planetary gearbox

Spring-loaded arms

Aluminum frame w/ hinges



2 servo clamp-style gripper
Direct-drive HS-805bb servos

Hold block in ⅔ orientations

Aluminum frame w/ hinges



Telescoping Lift

Made from lightweight aluminum

4-frame sections; Max height 9.5ft.

Max LIFT HEIGHT: 7ft - can deposit power cubes on all field components

3D printed sliding blocks for smoothness moving up & down

(2x) CIM w/ (1x) Toughbox 12.75:1 gearbox - Talon Controllers

Goes from 0 to max height in < 2 seconds

Maximum lift capacity of 10lbs

Built-in gripper fold-up brackets for starting configuration

Belt driven for motor protection in the event of a jam

50lbs shocks for mast impact protection during the match


Autonomous - OTIS has two autonomous programs. The first just tells the robot to cross the baseline, scoring initial autonomous points. The second allows the robot to drop a cube on the scale from one side of the field and then cross the baseline. Both codes also raise the telescoping unit a foot so the gripper folding mechanism triggers folding the gripper into match-play configuration from storage configuration.


Preprogrammed Telescoping Heights - Our team did not have the knowledge to work an encoder as we are a rookie team. We did not have the time to learn over competition season, so our programmers came up with an ingenious and highly accurate solution called a Time Integral. Using integration, the program determines the height of the telescoping unit at any given time after the start of the match. Then when the operator presses one of the 4 preset buttons, (0ft, 2ft, 4ft, MAX) the program turns the motor the right number of revolutions to take it to any of the preprogrammed heights from any height. This even works our drivers use the joystick to control the telescope manually and then decide to use the preprogrammed heights. It has been tested and works every time.


Length (w/o Bumper)        32.3 in

Width (w/o Bumper)          27.5 in

Min Height                         48.5 in

Max Height                        ~ 10  ft 


Motors                       (7x) CIM Motors

                                   (2x) 775 Motor


Speed Controllers   (5x) REV Spark

                                   (4x) Talin CTR


Drive Style        Tank Drive (6-Wheel)

control protocol           PWM/IO

Max climb capacity    1 robot (15lb)

Weight                               100 lb

match weight                    113 lb

camera              USB to Rio, wifi to ds

                            Livestream 720p HD

top speed                          16 ft/s

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