2020-21 SEASON


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Meet Luna, our proudest creation yet. Luna should not be a functioning robot, but yet it is. Luna's parts were delivered halfway into week 5 of build season leaving our team in shambles as too whether we could pull this off. Over the course of hundreds of hours, 40 + hour weekend meetings, and lots of tinkering Team Astraea pulled through, creating a competition ready robot that could wander the realm of deep space. 


Luna consists of an Omni-wheel drive base, intake capable of accomplishing level 1 cargo, hatch manipulator, and vision system complete with 3 cameras.



OTIS was designed to maximize the number of points our alliance could score by being an all-around-robot that could score in all aspects of the game. Power-Up is not based on points, but time, which means our team had to design a robot that can transport blocks quickly. This meant a light robot, fast drive base, and a fast and accurate cube manipulator. 


Our design could acquire a block from any place on the field and transport it to any other place on the field. We also focused on having a simple and accurate climber where a rope hooks onto the bar and the robot climbs with a winch. We have this climber because if a member of our alliance does not have a climber, we give them priority for using the levitation power up, but if the other two robots on our alliance have better climbers than ours, we can use the levitation power up.


Due to our tank-drive drive base, we can also play defense as needed. All this is to ensure our alliance could maximize time control over the scale, and points scored. 


2017 Off-Season

Herb is our second robot. Improving upon Larry, Herb is made of stronger, more durable materials. Herb features a high-velocity shooter, hopper which stores "FRC fuel" and gears encased in a small acrylic box. Herb marks the beginning of the end and the transition into our rookie year.

2016 Off-Season


Team Astraea's FIRST ever robot. Larry was built to withstand the pressure of FRC's Stronghold Competition. Larry was designed to retrieve "boulders" and score them in goals for points.